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How To Relieve Stress

Ever wondered why stress was even built in our system? If you are fighting with stressful situation every now and then, you will understand how painfully powerful this question is. Let face it, stress is a part of our life. It is a part of our personality. While some people are not exposed to extremely stressful conditions like others must have, it doesn’t mean that stress is not there. It is a serious issue and if you find yourself facing this issue every now and then, do not worry. You are not alone in this, there are many solutions to this problem and how you can deal with stress without having to join that luxurious (and pricey) spa session. The thing is, you have to admit to yourself that stress is getting to you and start treating it right-away rather than ignoring it and letting it build inside just to explode later.

1. Meditate

Meditation is your number one stress reliever, and it’s simple! Just sit up straight in a way that your feet touch the floor. Next, close your eyes and start building focus towards reciting. You can do this either loudly or in silence, as you prefer. Recite a positive mantra such as “I am a strong, beautiful and independent woman” or “I am at peace”. Place your hand on your stomach and synchronize your mantra with the breaths you take. Doing so will create a healing harmony and as you distract yourself from any other negative thoughts or energy in the procedure, you will feel relieved by the end.


2. Move Around

Do you know what causes real stress? Sitting in one place say your couch and watching television the whole day. Your mind needs exposure from that room, your body needs to move and your soul needs to relax. Being in one place for long intervals of time surrounded by the same people who are toxic for your health can result in inviting stress your way. To avoid this situation what you can do is just get up and move. Take a walk, stretch, breath in some fresh air and you will see that doing so every day will prove to be exceptionally great for your mental health.


3. Listen to Music

All of us can agree on this one. Music is something so powerful it holds healing properties. The right lyrics, the blend of instrumentals, the harmony, everything takes you to a different world, a world of your own where nobody can judge you or point fingers at you. Music is an escape. And you need to recognize this fact as soon as possible if you’re battling with stress. Start either listening to music, playing an instrument, play the guitar or any other instrument of your preference. You will feel the same power and relief doing any activity with music. It will heal your inner self and bring peace to your mind.

So what do you think? Do try these methods out and you will be amazed at how relax you will become!

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